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irForms - Release 3
In a continuous effort to improve irForms we have generated the new irForms version, Release 3 which is available to our customers.

irForms Release 3 we have included more than eighteen (18) new modules, features and enhancements that:
(a) improve security,
(b) increase flexibility and
(c) boost productivity.

New Modules and Features of irForms Version 3

  • Upgraded user management module with user role definition and access rights management.

  • Upgraded digital pen management module.

  • Upgraded forms management module.  

  • New forms’ shelf management module. License pool usage, one shelf for different forms.

  • Upgraded form’s pattern management algorithm:

(a) use of unique Anoto pattern per form or
(b) use of copied – common Anoto pattern for all forms.

  • Support for A4 and A3 form format.

  • Upgraded handwriting recognition support including lexicon maintenance.

  • New barcode client (barcode reading client).

  • Upgraded irForms client for supporting smart phones. Mobile phones supported:

(a) Java
(b) Windows Mobile
(c) Blackberry and
(d) Android
with photo management client

  • Upgraded forms printing module with:

(a) Enhanced print configuration management
(b) Forms’ pages duplex printing
(c) Print of forms without Anoto pattern

  • New Document Management System interface(s) with customized indexing of files for full-text search.

  • New email module:

(a) Automatic email of documents and
(b) Pen-based email of documents

  • Upgraded web service for data exchange

  • New encryption module for end-to-end data encryption (from pen to server)

  • New signature verification module

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