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The second way of using
irforms is to use the system as a service under the Managed Service model.

With this configuration
irforms system is provided as a service but is installed at end user (customer) premises who is also furnishing the required infrastructure.

The end user (customer) is provided with:

  • Forms with Anoto technology background designed specifically for his application

  • Digital pens according to the number of external users

  • Mobile phones according to the number of external users

Provision of the system under Managed Service model differs from the Application Service Provision model (Software as a Service) in terms that the full system is installed at customer premises, the required infrastructure is provided by the customer and the customer itself is managing the system using its own human resources.

The model of using irForms system as a Managed Service is applicable mainly in cases where even if the number of customer's internal and external users is relatively large (>30) and the number of different forms in use is also large (>5); the customer does not want to invest the initial amount that is required.
This model is also applicable to organizations that operate under the operating expenses (opex) and not under the capital expenses (capex) cash flow model.  

Benefits of using
irForms system with the Managed Service model:

  • Full control of system and data

  • Internal management and control of the system, the resources and the infrastructure

  • Immediate start of usage

  • Flexibility on implementing remote data capture procedures

  • Improvement of data flow within the enterprise

  • Small initial investment cost

  • Operation cost directly proportional to the volume of processed data

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