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irForms.Licensed - System License Purchase
The first and most common way of using irForms is to purchase a system license.

With the purchase of the system license the end user is provided with:

Software applications:

  • irForms server software

  • irForms client software - irForms visual

  • irForms advanced IHR (Intelligent Handwriting Recognition) server software

  • irFormss advanced IHR client software

  • iirForms java client software (installation in the mobile phone)

  • Anoto technology for printing forms with the special Anoto background


  • Digital pens according to the number of external users

  • Mobile phones according to the number of external users

Infrastructure equipment, if do not already exist:

  • Server grade machine with Microsoft Windows Server operating systems (Small Business Server edition)

  • Internet connection: ADSL or ADSL2+ with static IP

  • PC grade machines according to the number of internal users

For system installation and setting in production mode CubeIQ provides the full range of required services:

  • Consulting services

  • Installation, configuration and parameterization

  • System administrators and system users training

  • Go-live support  

  • Maintenance and technical support

  • Project Management

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