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ivForms - Features
ivForms, suitable for use on Androit™ and  iOS™ (iPad) and other tablets, can be used online or offline so that you can use them anytime, anywhere.

World leading handwriting recognition makes Data Capture fast and easy.

Within your electronic forms, you can set alerts so that people and departments who need to know, get notified when particular issues - such as a new client opportunity or service problem - are recorded.

Other clever features, like pre-filling forms with customer data and setting mandatory fields ensure that appointments and important information are never missed.

ivForms has some unique features, including a simple to use web based form builder so you can see what the forms look like as you design them.

  • Smart Forms

Easy to use and intuitive mobile forms that can be used on or offline.

  • Form Builder

Easily design your own forms via a standard web interface and deploy to multiple devices. No programming skills required.

  • Advanced Form Controls (Advanced Option)

Aimed at users who want to increase control over data capture even further, this option includes access to a powerful scripting language.

  • Form Security

Centrally manage deployment of formworks to your Androit™ and  iOS™ (iPad) devices and control access to formworks itself and to particular form types.

  • Data Security

Data is uploaded from the device to a secure central server once forms have been completed. Access to form data on the Androit™ and  iOS™ (iPad) after submission can be controlled centrally.

  • Handwriting Data Entry (Advanced Option)

World leading handwriting recognition simplifies and speeds up data entry for formworks users.

  • Create Jobs (Advanced Option)

Use the data merge function to pre-fill forms with customer data – enabling you to allocate specific work to field personnel and save them time.

  • Add Photos

Enrich your data by attaching images from the iPad itself or from external devices.

  • Tag Location

Identify where and when a form was started.

  • Signature Capture

Simply capture customer signatures using stylus or finger.

  • Sketching and Drawing

Create sketch areas on your forms for when words are simply not enough.

  • Alerts (Advanced Option)

Set conditions in your forms to trigger alerts to managers or departments when particular fields are completed.

  • Data Output

You have the flexibility to configure how you want form data sent to your systems.

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