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irForms - Description
The communication is a key issue in all relationships, whether in the business world or in our personal lives. The handwritten text remains the epicenter of the operations of public service organizations, private companies, corporations and individuals. Handwritten letters, order forms, questionnaires, notes, drawings, tables, etc. constitute the primary mean of communication.

irForms, the user continues to use the standard means of writing, pen and paper, but in very short time all manuscript data are available in digital format (recognizable and processible), stored in irForms database ready to be used by other software applications such as ERP, CRM/CMS, databases and any other back-office application.

This immediate and secure conversion of handwritten text - information into digital format and not necessary any more to data entry in computer systems has the following advantages:

  • Prevents erroneous data entries

  • Minimize the time cycle of corporate procedures

  • Increases the corporate workflow efficiency and

  • Minimizes forms processing cost - data entry is reduced to minimum

Infrastructure Technologies
irForms includes and utilizes the following technologies:

  • Digital pen

  • Bluetooth technology

  • GPRS (mobile telephony) technology

  • Handwriting recognition technology for recognizing and converting handwritten text to digital format - Intelligent Handwriting Recognition - IHR

Intelligent Handwriting Recognition technology is available in all major languages, namely all the Latin oriented languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian ...), Greek, languages with ideograms (Chinese, Japanese, Korean ...) and Arabic.


  • Normal way of work using pen and paper

  • Optimization of workflows in real time (workflow efficiency)

  • Increase productivity and reduce costs

  • Immediate availability of information in digital format

  • Fast integration into existing IT infrastructure

  • Low costs for user training, management and maintenance

  • Short Return of Investment (ROI)

  • Use of one pen for different forms and many pens for one form

  • Form generation and printing based on actual needs

Characteristics & Features
By using
irForms system corporations enjoy:

  • Immediate capture of the handwritten text wherever is created

  • Secure transport of the captured text to the central server

  • Conversion of the handwritten text to clear images and in digital - electronic format text

  • Grammatical, structural, linguistic and logical rule based conversion

  • Control of the handwritten to digital text conversion process and corrections implementation, if necessary

  • Storage of the electronic text in relational database

  • Availability of the converted - electronic text to back-end systems in industry standard formats

  • Availability of forms images including a copy of the original form (handwritten text) and a copy of the converted in digital format (electronic text)

  • Use as a standalone system interfacing other system or integrated - encapsulated to other systems (integration option)

  • Use of the system via the ASP/SaaS model or the Managed Service model


  • The system is internationalized. It supports the all major languages, namely all the Latin oriented languages, Greek, languages with ideograms and Arabic.

  • The central server application is running on Microsoft Windows environment and includes mySQL relational database, application server and internet server. It is simple to install, to maintain and to use.

  • Data conversion from handwritten text to digital - electronic text is realized within seconds; that improved dramatically the speed of transferring captured data from remote locations to the central data processing center.  

  • irForms system uses industry standard output formats in order the system output to be compatible with other systems installed in corporations and organizations. For transferring electronic data, irForms is using XML files and for images is using pdf and png files. A number of other data formats are available upon request.

  • Data from the digital pen are transferred via Bluetooth to the mobile phone and via GPRS network from the mobile phone to the irForms server.

  • In special applications the data are transferred directly from the digital pen to a PC using a special base (candle) that is in interconnected in a USB port.

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