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irForms - Διαστασιοποίηση Συστήματος
Για μία τυπική εγκατάσταση irForms όπου το σύστημα υποστηρίζει:

  • Πενήντα (50) εξωτερικούς χρήστες,

  • Τρεις (3) ώς πέντε (5) εσωτερικούς χρήστες (operators & power users) και

  • Δύο (2) διαφορετικές φόρμές. Η 1η φόρμα με δύο (2) Α4 σελίδες και η 2η φόρμα με μία (1) Α4 σελίδα

Απαιτείται η ακόλουθη διαστασιοποίηση του συστήματος.

Server System for irForms Server software
Server grade machine with the following features:

  • Up-to-date processor / Intel Quad Core Xeon

  • 2 GB RAM, 4 GB RAM recommended

  • RAID-5 hard disk setup with at least 40 GB of available storage space. Available hard drive should be split into 2 drives, C drive and D drive

  • Alternatively, RAID-1 hard disk setup which is the minimum configuration for data integrity, can be used

  • Any other HD data redundancy mechanism (fast back-up …) can be supported

  • Monitor, keyboard, mouse, CD/DVD R/W

  • High Speed NIC

  • Connection to Internet at least 2Mbps

  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008 in a version that includes Microsoft IIS


  • HD space: For each additional set of 50 external users, additional 30 GB of storage space is required.

  • On the server ONLY irForms Application should be installed; no other database product, system or versions should be installed.

Internal Client PCs (operators and power users) for irForms client software - irForms Visual
Any average web enable PC (i.e. connection to internet and a web browser) is sufficient:

  • Up-to-date processor

  • At least 1 GB RAM

  • Monitor, keyboard, mouse, CD/DVD R/W

  • It is recommended a 17'' or 21'' or wide screen Monitor to be used

Operating system:

  • Microsoft Windows 2K Professional with SP4 or later

  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional with SP3 or later

  • Microsoft Windows Severn - 7 with SP1 or later

  • Microsoft Windows Eight - 8.1

Additional software:

  • Web browser, Internet Explorer preferably

  • Acrobat Reader Version 8.xx

Database Sizing
The database provided by CubeIQ doesn't need any special consideration, as it works properly with millions and tens of millions of datasets.
The database size that is defined in the server section is more than enough to contain even a huge database.
The average of 40 GB of storage space is sufficient any business application to start.
Sizing considerations:

  • Each form requires its own dataset.

  • Precise hard disk sizing for the database is realized as long the end-user defines min, max and average number of forms transmissions per day per digital pen/user and the number of days that the data should be retained in the database.

  • For each additional set of 50 external users, additional 30 GB of storage space is required.

  • In case that in future more disk space is required then the end-user can upgrade the disks.

Network Requirements

  • The customer's IT environment must have a static IP address, reachable from the outside, directly.

  • The server should be set up with proper security features (firewall, virus scanner, etc) to the customer's discretion.

  • The server has to be in a DMZ and must be accessible from the internet directly over ports 80, 8080, 8005, 3306, 443, 81 and for Windows Remote Desktop Access (for support reasons).

  • The above ports must not be impeded by any security features.

Mobile Phone Requirements
irForms Java client can be executed correctly to mobile phones with the following minimum capabilities.

  • Bluetooth 2.0 with SPP Profile support

  • Java MIDP 2.0

  • CLDC 1.1.

  • GPRS/G3 Web access (WAP Access IS NOT enough)

NOKIA mobile phones with S40/60 OS should be compatible.
Smart Phones with Android v 2.1 and newer are compatible.
Smart Phones with Windows Mobile 6/7 and newer are compatible.
PDA's and Tablets with Android v 2.1 and newer are compatible.
PDA's with Windows Mobile 6/7 and newer are compatible.
RIM's BlackBerry special client is available upon request.
Apple's iPhone special client is available upon request.
Compatible mobile phones, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and smart phones list available upon request.

Paper Requirements

  • Best handwriting recognition results can be achieved when using paper of 80 gr.

  • Paper of 80 gr. is the recommended paper quality from Anoto.

  • Thinner paper could be used also, but there can be interferences from a form printed in duplex (front and back side) or in case of using carbon paper for having copies.

Internal Printer Requirements
Forms usually are printed to a printing house using high resolution offset technology.
In case that the end-user decides to print the forms internally he should use printers that are certified or tested to print forms with the Anoto background pattern.

  • General requirements: Color Laser printer.

  • Certified printers: OKI C5450, OKI C5900, OKI C6100, OKI C6150, OKI C710, OKI C9600, OKI C5950, OKI C8800, OKI C9650 or equivelent.

  • Tested printers: HP Color LaserJet 41xx, 42xx, 55xx, Genicom Intelliprint CL 160 or equivelent.

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